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Why are we unique?

A&J School is a full-time online school offering British (GCSE and A-Level) and American (High School Diploma and AP) qualifications to students from around the world. Our faculty delivers the curriculum via live video lessons. Each class has a maximum of eight students so that our pupils receive a highly focused, rigorous education that encourages debate and discussion within a small group. As a result, every student is pushed to reach their full potential, which is often not possible in a mainstream, in-person teaching environment.
What makes A&J School exceptional is the team of world-leading educators who teach our students the ‘Core Curriculum’ designed by our founder Sunny Jain. As well as offering the standard British and American qualifications, A&J students are taught specialised modules by academics from renowned universities such as Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard. The Core Curriculum is not currently offered by any other school. The benefits of the Core Curriculum are that our pupils not only get fantastic grades and win places at the best universities, but also learn vital life skills that enable them to stand confidently on their own two feet.



At A&J School, we are committed to equipping our students with the skills they need to succeed. Our unique Core Curriculum will prepare them for every eventuality, navigating the challenges of life in an increasingly competitive world. A&J pupils are guided by our faculty members who are world-leading academics and educators from a diverse range of fields. They inspire confidence, curiosity, and leadership in our students, pushing them to reach their full potential through debate and the exchange of ideas.


Who are we?

Unlike a traditional in-person school, we are not limited to employing the best teachers within a five-mile radius of the campus. Instead, our faculty are some of the best educators from all over the globe and have decades of experience teaching at the very best schools and universities. In our team, we have world-leading academics working at institutions such as Harvard and Oxford who are involved in cutting-edge research.
Our mission is to provide each pupil with an excellent traditional education, our exceptional Core Curriculum of vital life skills, and our tailored university admissions and careers support.

about us

Our story

A&J School is the brainchild of Sunny Jain. Sunny saw early on that many pupils leave school unprepared for the challenges of modern-day life, lacking the knowledge and skillset needed to succeed in the increasingly competitive world. Believing that the most useful life skills are almost entirely self-taught, Sunny realised that a traditional school environment is not suitable for every student, and set out to re-design school from the ground up.
His vision for a school is what A&J School is today.



The A&J School community is extremely diverse, as we are not restricted by location. Students and faculty come from all over the world, bringing with them their unique backgrounds and life experiences to create a distinct cohort of people who enrich each other. The modules offered in our Core Curriculum encourage healthy debate and critical thinking, meaning that our students become fantastic communicators and develop strong bonds with fellow pupils and faculty. Although we are an online school, there are opportunities to meet in person twice per year, such as our UK Summer School Programme. These meetings are not obligatory but help to foster even stronger communal bonds.


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Frequently asked questions

Is A&J School a real school?
Yes, A&J School is a legitimate and real educational institution. Even though our full-time students study with us from their homes, they sit government-approved exams (IGCSE, A-Level, AP, or SAT) in official exam centres. These exam centres facilitate external invigilation of exams that our students sit which allows our students to have the same credentials as students in traditional bricks-and-mortal schools. The exam centres are located in most countries around the world and our students usually register with an exam centre that is local to them.

Our curriculum follows established educational standards and is designed to meet or exceed the requirements set by educational authorities worldwide. A&J School employs certified teachers and experienced educators who are dedicated to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. Because we do not have the expenses associated with physical infrastructure (a building, athletics track, music centre), we invest all of our money into recruiting the best teachers and educators from around the world. We routinely get more than a 100 applications per each teaching vacancy which ensures that our teaching quality is exceptional. We are also currently in the process of applying for the UK Government's Online Education Accreditation Scheme (OEAS) that was launched in Spring 2023.
What about social life?
At A&J School, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics, and we are committed to supporting students in developing strong social skills. While our students learn in an online environment, we provide various opportunities for social interaction and community building such as virtual clubs and activities, field trips and events, discussion forums, networking opportunities, and our very own A&J Core Curriculum. We also help our students to join in-person clubs and activities local to them. 85% of our students participate in sport, music, robotics, or art activities local to them after the end of the school day.
Do universities accept a&j School diploma?
Yes, accept the diploma awarded by A&J School. Our full-time graduates have been accepted by universities such as Imperial College London, UCLA, Oxford, The University of Hong Kong, Princeton, UCL, St Andrews, McGill, and the University of Amsterdam. While students receive all learning at home via live lessons, they still sit official government-recognised exams (IGCSEs, A-Levels, APs, SATs) in-person in official exam centres local to them. As such, the qualifications our students receive are no different to qualifications received by a pupil in a traditional bricks-and-mortar school.
What official qualifications do you offer?
At A&J School, we offer two streams: British and American. Our students study a combination of IGCSEs and A-Levels (British stream) and the APs and the American High School Diploma (American stream) that is appropriate for their future goals. We offer most subjects including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Geography, History, Politics, English, and Modern Languages.

In addition to the traditional qualifications, each successful graduate also receives a diploma of completion of our Core Curriculum of life skills. This is unique to us. Whilst the Core Curriculum is not required for future university or job applications, it gives our students a competitive advantage that will help them thrive throughout their personal and professional life.
is a full-time online school for my child?
We are not for everybody.

Online schooling offers a degree of flexibility, personalised learning, and the ability to tailor the educational experience to your child's pace and interests. Our students benefit from our unique Core Curriculum, world-class faculty recruited from the top schools and universities such as Harvard and Oxford, and our expertise with university admissions.

Determining whether an online school is the suitable option for your son or daughter depends on various factors, including their learning style, personal preferences, and your family's specific goals.

A&J School provides a supportive online learning environment, and we encourage you to explore our programmes, speak with our admissions team, and consider your child's individual needs to determine if online school aligns with their educational goals.

Some of our students join us part-time. They remain in their traditional bricks-and-mortar schools and come to us for specialised subject tutoring, our Core Curriculum, and our expertise with university admissions. If full-time is not right for your son or daughter, our Head of Admissions will be happy to talk you through our part-time options.
How does teaching take place?
Teaching takes place through live video lessons only. We do not routinely make recorded lessons available to students. It is expected that every student attends every class live. We do, however, share recorded lessons if a pupil missed a class for valid health reasons.

Our class size for our academic programme (IGCSEs, A-Levels, APs, and the American High School Diploma) are limited to 8 pupils. This allows us to give every student the attention they need to thrive.

We also run supervised study sessions on-going study clinics so that any pupil can reach out to one of their teachers for help if it is needed.

The Core Curriculum which is taught by world-leading faculty from universities such as Harvard and Oxford is delivered as a lecture series with smaller-group workshops that follow.